Emoncms v9.0 — not working

Ok just finished developing of emonitoring box. All looking good now. And am beeing actually in need of something to show final result. So i try to use emoncms. V9.0.

And seems that it does not have installation procedure. Simply is not working. So will make more tries later. Writeto developer post here, am not sure if it will got rteply soon or not.

Seems another one way is to use older 8.5* branch of emoncms. So will try this way now.

PS. Ok. i run it.

Problems is that emoncms — needs empty database. Ok, i redo this to check only if needed tables are in place.

Also is need modern PHP (5.1.36 — is old for this) which support syntax function()[].

Am not sure why developer is doing this, cause this syntax can be changed with arrn(functuion,number), where arrn — is function arrn (a,b)return a[b] and all starts working. This must be changed in many places — to run this software live.

PS2. I was really trying install this software for few days. Today — simply delete this from hosting place. Will try develop own chart. which will work from very start.

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